We provide a complete lube services in a short period of time.

Those applications are  the quickest among others services we do provide at Alpha Auto Tech, their estimation time are approximately half an hour as long as no customer is ahead of you.

Either you can choose to have your oil changed with full synthetic or sami-synthetic oil depending of your choice but some of cars are recommended to have only full synthetic oil in their engine, below  are different prices with labor included


Lube Oil-Sami and Oil filter synthetic (up to 5 lts From CAD 40,00
Lube Oil full synthetic and Oil filter (up to 5 lts From CAD 70,00
Transmission Oil replacement From CAD 200,00
Power Steering Oil replacement From CAD 40,00
Anti freezer coolant fluid From CAD 9,00
Windshield washer fluid From 20
Engine Filter replacement From CAD 25,00
Cabin Filer replacement From CAD 20,00
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